Pre-Workshop Setup

Please complete the minimum Setup Instructions to prepare for the Container Camp workshop at CyVerse, The University of Arizona, which will run from March 7th to 9th, 2018.

Prerequisite Notes Links
Wi-Fi-enabled laptop You should be able to use any laptop using Windows/MacOS/Linux. We strongly recommend Firefox or Chrome browser; We do not recommend Microsoft Edge Browser. It is recommended that you have administrative/install permissions on your laptop.
CyVerse Account Please ensure that you have a CyVerse account and have verfied your account by completing the verification steps in the email you got when you registered. Register for your cyverse account at You can test your account by logging into
Github Account Please ensure that you have a Github account if you don’t have one already Register for your Github account at
Dockerhub Account Please ensure that you have a Dockerhub account if you don’t have one already Register for your Dockerhub account at Account This is completely optional but recommended and can use github to log-in to account Register for your account at
XSEDE Account Please ensure that you have a XSEDE account by registering at XSEDE portal to access Jetstream cloud computing Register for your XSEDE account at
TACC Account Please ensure that you have a TACC account to access Stampede2 HPC computer at TACC Register for your TACC account at
Text Editor Please ensure that you have a Text editor of your choice. Any decent text editor would be sufficient and recommended ones include Sublime2 and Atom
Slack for networking We will be using Slack extensively for communication and networking purposes Register for Slack at

Optional Download Extras

Listed below are some extra downloads that aren’t required for the workshop, but which provide some options for functionalities we will cover.

Tool Notes Link
SSH Clients (Windows) PuTTY allows SSH connection to a remote machine, and is designed for Windows users who do not have a Mac/Linux terminal. MobaXterm is a single Windows application that provides a ton of functions for programmers, webmasters, IT administrators, and anybody is looking to manage system remotely
Cyberduck Cyberduck is a third-party tool for uploading/downloading data to CyVerse Data Store. Currently, this tool is available for Windows/MacOS only. You will need to download Cyberduck and the connection profile. We will go through configuration and installation at the workshop.
iCommands iCommands are third-party software for command-line connection to the CyVerse Data Store. Download and installation instructions available at CyVerse Learning Center