Training session in DockerΒΆ

Trainers (Kapeel Chougule and Upendra Devisetty)

In this session we will explain the various aspects of the Docker. Starting with the basics of Docker which focus on the installation and configuration of Docker, the session will gradually move to advanced topics such as managing data using volumes and pushing and pull containers from registries. Overall this session covers the development aspects of Docker and how you can get up and running on the development environments using Docker containers.

This is the introductory session for the concept of Docker. The topics include Docker installation, running prebuilt Docker containers, deploying web applications with Docker, building and running your own Docker containers, etc.

This is the advanced session for the concept of Docker. The topics include pushing and pulling Docker containers to public and private registries, automated Docker image building from github/bitbucket repositories, managing data in Docker containers, Docker compose for building multiple Docker containers, improving your data science workflows using Docker containers, etc.